*FACT: 95% of Small Business Owners work WAY too hard, have WAY too much stress and make WAY too little money - then go out of business in their first five years.

I help Small Business Owners who want A LOT more out of life systematically attract their ideal customers, clients or patients using The WOW! Strategy™, so they totally transform their income and lifestyle.

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Here's What Others Are Saying About Steve Sipress
And The WOW! Strategy™...

"Steve, to me, is free, because everything he's told me,

I have made so much more money."

Jon BockmanHi, my name's Jon Bockman of  Bockman's Auto Care in Sycamore, Illinois, just outside of Chicago, Illinois.  Our business actually was started in 1964.  I bought my father out in 1999.  So I've been running it for about it for about eleven, twelve years now.  When we first started, I was terribly in debt and we had people calling us.  I had to get a second mortgage on the house, and we were just in a horrible, horrible spot.  I felt like we were just a few months away from bankruptcy.  And actually, the only day that I ever took a day off, was on a Sunday, because we were closed.  

Easiest thing, would have just closed everything and took off and ran.  That would be the easiest thing to do.  But, I couldn't do that.  Steve showed me ... Number one, he showed me how I could actually implement Dan Kennedy type strategies, and we started seeing a boost right away in our business.  We just totally took what he's given me, and we've just started implementing, and implementing.  And it's just ...  It’s really just totally transformed my business. 

Steve has helped me with my laser focus.  He has come to me, or, I've come to him, and we have just-- learning everything that I can.  He helps me implement.  He's taken my business to a whole new level.  We went from half a million dollars to a million dollars in two years.  He is just--  Now, I know that I can do things that I never thought I could do before.  It's just an incredible experience to know that where you think you're just dead, and things are horrible, to now, anything is possible.

Our future is franchising.  Getting the info product.  Teaching other auto repair places what I do.  I can see taking this to a whole new three, four types of businesses.  It's going to be huge.  If someone told me 10 years ago, what my plans are now, I would say you are absolutely crazy.  There's no way that I could do that.  There's no way  I could run more than two, three businesses.  But now, I can do anything.

I now have more time for my kids.  I go to ball games.  I coach  now.  Saturdays off, I have so much more free time.  My wife doesn't think I'm an idiot anymore.  It's been unbelievable. 

Steve is all business.  He is an unbelievably smart, brilliant, brilliant man.  I can't say enough about him.  Steve has put probably more, I would say, thousands, and thousands, and thousands of dollars. I mean, I probably can't even put a true figure on it because it keeps coming back, and keeps coming back, just more and more money all the time. 

Actually, Steve hasn't cost me a dime.  Steve, to me, is free, because everything he's told me, I have made so much more money.  It doesn't matter what it costs. 

Why is Steve my secret weapon?  Steve is... You know, I don't want it to get out that Steve is out there, to other auto repair guys, you know.  I want to keep him as...  He's my little secret.  He's the guy that I have in my back pocket.  I can go to Steve for anything, and I know that nobody else can. 

How much would somebody have to pay me to stop listening to Steve?  They don't make enough money in this world, that somebody could pay me, so I would stop listening to Steve.  Steve is the reason I have a retirement.  Steve is the exact reason why I have a retirement fund now.  I am having way more fun.  It's probably illegal, how much fun I'm having.  I love you, man.

NOTE: Individual results will likely vary.  Financial claims are not guarantees, but rather personal accounts.

Jon Bockman
Bockman's Auto Care
Sycamore, Illinois

"Well, the short answer for that is:
“You need to talk to Steve Sipress.”

Ace LucianoMy name is Ace Luciano.  I am a hunter, fisherman, an outdoorsman and business person.  I have a sales consultancy, I’ve had numerous businesses over the course of my life.

A lot of my clients want the key to How To Make A Lot Of Money, and one of the most-frequent questions I get is, “How can I make a million dollars?”

Well, the short answer for that is: “You need to talk to Steve Sipress.”

Now let me tell you a little bit about Steve…

Steve is not the type of individual that will make you feel good.  He’s not the type of individual that will tell you what you want to hear, or tell you that all you need to do is dream and think and you’ll make a lot of money.  What he will do is give you a specific, measurable and executable plan to have the most success you have ever had in your life in whatever field you want.

A lot of people say that “My business is different.”  Well, I can assure you that the main part of my business is hunting, fishing and taking people hunting and fishing.  The second part of my business is teaching other outdoor professionals how to do that. 

And part of the reason I’m so successful is because of Steve Sipress.   As a matter of fact, I can equate a measurable amount of money in the tens of thousands of dollars a year just from the benefits I get from being a member of Steve’s coaching group.  I’m one of Steve’s executive and private clients, I couldn’t recommend his services more highly.

Anybody out there that has any questions at all as to the results that we receive, the benefits that I get, the specific marketing plans that have been put together, and how I’ve been walked through and coached through the implementation of all those plans, feel free to call me.

Again:  I couldn’t recommend Steve Sipress and his coaching program more highly.

NOTE: Individual results will likely vary.  Financial claims are not guarantees, but rather personal accounts.

Ace Luciano
Ace Luciano Outdoors

"The one suggestion that Steve gave me, well, without question, put $300,000 more in my bank account."

Keith LeeHi there.  I’m Keith Lee with American Retail Supply, americanretailsupply.com, and 3D Mail Results which is 3dmailresults.com.  But I've been around with Dan Kennedy Marketing for twenty-two years and I had done a letter that was getting okay results, and Steve came in and gave me one suggestion. It went from okay results to incredible results.  And I think I’m a pretty good GKIC, Dan Kennedy marketer with twenty-two years of experience, written hundreds of letters.  But Steve still made this project work great for me. 

Oh, in this case we went from four times as far as what we were selling previously.  It increased our results on this about four times, and we have a lifetime value of a client of, oh, gosh, in this business, three, four thousand dollars minimum.  And it’s adding, this particular one, with no extra expense, is adding 120 to 130 new clients a year for us. 

The one suggestion that Steve gave me, well, without question, put $300,000 more in my bank account.  And we are going to be using it forever.  This is not a one-time deal.  We’re going to be using this idea that Steve helped us with, for these projects every six months, where we go to this conference and we’ll be using it until it doesn't keep working like it is.  And so, the value over time could literally be way over even the $300,000 number. 

NOTE: Individual results will likely vary.  Financial claims are not guarantees, but rather personal accounts.

Keith Lee
3D Mail Results
Kent, Washington

"Steve, you’re the best. I get emotional because
I could not have done all of this without you."

Keith LeeHi, I'm Mary Forte, owner of Fabric's Etc. in Bensenville, Illinois. I own Chicagoland's largest sewing center and we are a physical brick and mortar store. We sell sewing machines, teach people how to sew and have classes and clubs at our location.

Well, before, the pain that I had was that I was married for thirty years. My ex-husband was the business end of the business. I brought him in full-time about five years after I had purchased the business. After that amount of time, he decided he didn't want to be married anymore and I did not have the business end because I was the creative person. When he left, I was forced with a big decision whether to go on, keep the business or whether I should just play with the big boys and get serious and make it work.

So I had met Steve.  He's helped me learn how to market my business, and today I can say that we're more successful than we've ever been.

My biggest challenge before I met Steve was I was not the marketing person in the business. I was the creative aspect of the business. I needed to learn how to market the business better to create more revenue, and that's what Steve has helped me with.

The financial difference is considerable. We've probably close to doubled our revenues. We're on track now to do another close to $500,000 more than we did last year. So that's awesome.

I do owe all of that to Steve.  He's really helped. I'm a private coaching client of Steve's. I also go to the Masterminds. Just all of the information and the help he's given me so that I can market my business more effectively has made a huge difference.

Working is fun. In any business, I think that there's always days when it feels like work. The good news is I'm not going home with headaches, worrying about this, 'Oh my gosh, where is this money coming from.'  So in that aspect working is fun.

I would think that we could call Steve our secret weapon, because he just really knows everything there is to know about how to successfully help us do our best in what we do. He cares about every single business person that he coaches and everybody in the monthly meetings. He truly cares about how your business is succeeding on a day-to-day basis, especially as a private client.

If someone had to pay me, I don't think they could pay me to stop taking Steve's advice. He just is amazing with his ideas and his help. I don't think I would want to go at it alone. I would not stop taking Steve's advice. I don't think there's a dollar amount that someone could pay me to do that.

For the future, I think the biggest thing that I see is just being successful, continuing to pay off all of the debt that was left for me before I started with Steve, having enough money to live the lifestyle that I want to do and have a great retirement and leave the business to my daughter.

Steve, you’re the best. I get emotional because I could not have done all of this without you.

NOTE: Individual results will likely vary.  Financial claims are not guarantees, but rather personal accounts.

Mary Forte
Fabric's Etc.
Bensenville, Illinois